The great Mughal emperor and the founder of the Mughal dynasty his highness late Zaheeruddin Babur came to invade India. He never lost a war since he left Samarkand and perhaps was one of the most ambitious rulers of all time. He is my personal favorite. After he started ruling Delhi and Agra, his army and his most favorite son Humayun tried to force him to leave India and go back to Samarkand because it was too hot in the central India during the summers but Zaheeruddin Babur was too ambitious to give up. The army was getting discouraged and trying all its best to make Babur’s mind up into leaving India, then one scholar suggested that he has heard of some really cool devices that can be used to make the hot and humid weather disappear. The scholar was very popular among the tribe as a genius but still nobody would trust him, then Humayun said okay, let’s give it a try. “Where can we get these cool devices”? asked Humayun to the scholar, the scholar replied that they are available in Kannauj area. “But that is too far away” replied Humayun, “Okay, then convince your father to move back to Samarkand”, “That is next to impossible, let’s travel to Kannauj”, said Humayun. Then both Humayun and the scholar took half of their army to the Kannauj area and started asking each and everyone they met where can they get the device that makes the summers disappear. Nobody would tell the foreigners where they can but then they went to a saint whom they knew would never tell a lie. The saint was sitting under a tree; the army was so surprised looking at him. The temperature was about 40 degree Celsius at the time and this saint wasn’t even sweating, he looked like he is the happiest man on earth. Humayun jumped off the horse and got close to the Saint. After he got close to the saint, he immediately noticed a vacuum cleaner looking like device that was plugged into the tree the saint was sitting under and he also noticed that the temperature around the tree was so cool and nice. To enjoy this cool temperature, Humayun didn’t say anything at all for a couple of minutes and sit silently under that tree. His army was so shocked but didn’t dare say anything to him. They were all just waiting for him to come back and sit back on his horse so that they can enjoy some wind.

The saint opened his eyes after a while and Humayun asked him the secret of this cold air that is surrounding the saint and what’s this vacuum cleaner looking device. The Saint told him that this is a portable air conditioner and you can purchase it from a showroom that is just 2 kilometres away from here. Humayun asked him “Do they accept gold”? The saint replied, “They accept cards as well.”

Humayun bought 2 portable air conditioners for each of his men and the showroom owner told him not to worry about the transportation, we will deliver these to your palace. The portable air conditioners were delivered within 72 hours to their palace and the rest is history.