Do you know that one of the top toy retailers in the United Kingdom was about to become bankrupt due to inefficient workforce? The success of this toy retailer wasn’t an accident. Being successful requires lots of effort, resistance, persistence and skills and it is very rarely an accident, but to stay successful requires a lot more. The founder of this toy retailing company that I am talking about here has passed away and the company is now run by one of his 2 daughters. It is a very large company and the founder’s daughter was very well aware of the fact that it is not going to be an easy task for her, but little did she know that the company will be on the verge of being bankrupt only after 16 months of her taking over as the boss of all bosses.

The main reason behind the verge of bankruptcy of the company was the new boss’ inefficiency to deal with the human workforce. She had always been a very reserved person and did have only a couple of friends over her lifetime. She didn’t have an idea how to handle so many people who are working for her. All the work that she was supposed to do was being handled by who was supposed to be the most honest employee of the company as he was the oldest there and was working there for 3 decades, but she didn’t have an idea earlier that he wanted to take over the company himself. She finally decided to hire John Accountancy as the HR consultancy company for her toy company and to her surprise, they did a better job than she ever expected. The company was recommended to her by a cousin of her who herself used to work at the John Accountancy before she got married.