Kittibun, a 25 year old guy bought a second hand Volkswagen Passat with all his savings. He had been earning since he was 21 and with all the money that he saved throughout these 4 years, he bought a Volkswagen Passat to impress his girlfriend. Kittibun never had a girlfriend before, neither in school nor in college or the workplace. He met her in a mall and acted like he is a very rich dude from the very moment he met her. To make her believe that he is a rich guy, he bought this expensive car.

His girlfriend had an idea that he is fooling her but she wouldn’t tell as she enjoyed watching his dramas. Kittibun also told her that she lives in an expensive area and will soon fix a meeting at his home between her and his parents. After hearing this, his girlfriend really started believing his story that he is son of some wealthy parents.

Once Kittibun and his girlfriend were enjoying a nice wine in Kittibun’s Volkswagen Passat and suddenly two geckos (ตุ๊กแก) popped up on the dashboard. Kittibun’s girlfriend asked “Is that what you get when you park your car for too long in a posh locality?” Kittibun’s face was worth looking at after hearing that. He was nervous and acted stupidly. He started stuttering and doing all the crazy things. Kittibun’s girlfriend then told her that he needn’t tell all the lies that he has been telling her and buy a product that goes by the name ‘Crying Lizards’ available at the Shopee. Kittibun did the same and now his car is ‘gecko-free’.