Bintang is a real estate agent in the area of Keong Saik Road, Singapore. Bintang is not hygienic, he baths only 2-3 days in a week and his communication skills suck big time. He never had much friends due to his bad hygiene. Nobody wanted to be around him in the school and the college. Bintang isn’t enthusiastic either about anything. He doesn’t like comedy or songs much either.

First, he doesn’t take a shower for days, second, the electronics and furniture at his office are never in perfect condition. Due to his office AC never being fixed, repaired or serviced, his face always has sweat dripping all over. He in fact doesn’t have the money to get his office AC running or repaired. One of his neighboring office owners told him that Chan Brothers are the real deal when it comes to Aircon Repair Singapore and he must call these guys out.

Bintang borrowed some money from his brother-in-law and called Chan Brothers to get his AC fixed. When Chan Brothers entered Bintang’s real estate office, Bintang was amazed to see how disciplined, punctual and courteous they were. The Chan Brothers fixed Bintang’s AC at a very low cost (much lesser than Bintang estimated). One great thing happened to Bintang after seeing the Chan Brothers’ discipline and courtesy, he was really touched by the brothers’ professionalism and started bathing everyday and taking care of his real estate business very seriously.