Mushtaq, a Pakistani tailor worked very hard to school his children. He was perhaps the hardest working tailor in the city of Rawalpindi with his clients including the popular ex-minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed.

Mushtaq would go to his small shop early in the morning each day, like sometimes 6am in the morning while sometimes at 7am, and would shut the shop late at night, like between 8 to 10pm.

The foremost reason why Mushtaq worked so hard was because he didn’t want his children to become tailors. He wanted them to be lawyers, doctors or engineers. He sent them to study at the Rawalpindi’s best school and would save 200 Pakistani Rupee everyday in the bank for their bright future.

As the sons grew up, they weren’t interested in becoming lawyers, doctors or engineers, they wanted to make a fast buck and they wouldn’t let Mushtaq know about this, but Mushtaq was their father and he knew very well what his sons were upto.

As the sons completed their 10th grade, their marks weren’t enough to get them science stream, they had to enter the commerce stream, which was a major shock to Mushtaq. Now, they had only one option out of Mushtaq’s favorite careers list, which is to become lawyers.

After the sons entered their 11th grade, they demanded a computer from Mushtaq, which he reluctantly bought them. The brothers used to look out for ways to make money online and one day accidentally stumbled upon Keyword Ranking API which really caught their eyes. The brothers started using the technique which started making them more money than their father within a matter of one month. By the time they gave their 12th grade’s final examinations, the brothers together were making over US $6000 a month, looking at what the brothers decided that they are not willing to go to the college and plan to make their living doing this only.