There was a time when hairy men were considered the epitome of sexuality, now they are considered the epitome of ugliness, backwardness and carelessness. Gone are the days when body hair used to be in the fashion. Since the late 1980s, hairless bodies are in fashion and the same is the case for both men and women. Hairy men today are considered lazy and filthy. Hence, more and more men are nowadays buying painless body hair remover, never before hair removers were so much in demand like today and never before men were so hairless before.

Asian, European, African, American, you name it, men from all over the world are shaving their bodies. I remember seeing ugly hairy armpits in the 70s music videos and the videos that I would not like to name here. Those days are gone now, men now prefer hairless legs, hairless arms, hairless chest, hairless stomach and hairless ***** as well.

Even in the villages of the third world countries all over the world, both men and women are buying hair removers like crazy. If you ask me which hair removers do I prefer, I would say that it has to be painless and that’s all.