Amelia is a 32 year old Australian woman who wanted to start her own business after the birth of her child as the money her husband was making wasn’t sufficient for the family. Amelia researched and found out that carpet cleaning would be the perfect choice for her. Amelia opened up an office in the prime area of Melbourne and the rent was very heavy but Amelia believed that the business would be easily able to pay the rent.

Amelia distributed flyers and did whatever she could to advertise her business. After 6 months, she wasn’t able to pay the electricity bill and rent with her carpet dyeing business. Amelia was shattered. She tried to give her best to this business and it is not even able to pay the rent. Amelia had to shut the business down and she had expert writing skills so she started writing a blog, the blog was making her as much money as she expected but the time it would take to run a single blog was huge. She had to take care of her newborn child as well.

Amelia then once by accident found out about Google web scraper. Amelia personally believes that she has some sort of mystical and psychic abilities and the number 633 is what she considers lucky for herself. When she looked at her laptop screen at the moment when Google web scraper idea appeared in front of her, the time was 6:33 pm. Amelia instantly starting learning about Google web scraping and it took her less than a month to become an expert at it. Now after 5 months, Amelia has been making more than AU Dollar 4k per month with Google web scraping.