Billy, Michael and Jordan are 3 friends from the New York City who were born and raised in Manhattan. They were together in the school and lived on the same street as well. After completing the school, Billy and Michael thought that it would be useless to attend a university. If they wanted to attend a college or an university, they were required to take a student loan as none of their parents were in the condition to afford their college/university fee.

Jordan wanted to go to the college and he didn’t believe that he could become successful or live his ideal life without going to a college. He enrolled into one while Billy and Michael started their own electricians company.

Billy and Michael had no employee and would visit the client’s location themselves. They were just perfect at what they did, but the money they were making wasn’t what they expected. It would sometimes take hours to reach the client’s location due to the heavy Manhattan traffic.

Billy had an idea that they should move to some other city as the competition was higher in Manhattan and the traffic was killing their business. Michael complied and they shifted to Montgomery, Alabama. The traffic was nothing compared to the Manhattan in Montgomery, but the speed limits were a great hindrance to Billy and Michael’s business. Billy told Michael, “Look, I have an idea. We can use a radar detector to detect the radars and cross all the speed limits safely.” Michael replied, “You will get us bankrupt with your shady idea.” Billy said “Do you have any other idea to make more money?” Michael replied “Nope.” Then Billy told Michael to do as he says.

Billy searched the internet thoroughly and bought a new radar detector through

Now, after 6 months, Billy and Michael have been making double the amount that they did before. Billy’s ideas are awesome.