Josiah is a 22 year young Los Angeles boy. Josiah is 6’9 and is an amazing basketball player. Josiah wanted to become a basketball player from the very first day he learnt how to play the game. He was amazingly good at it.

Josiah would play nothing but basketball in school and after the school was over. Josiah had always been a great student too. His parents wanted him to become an excellent coder and he too was interested in coding. He just didn’t want that to become a barrier in his basketball career.

Josiah’s parents weren’t too sure that he can make it to the NBA.

When Josiah wasn’t studying, sleeping or eating, Josiah was practicing basketball. Josiah could do push ups upon push ups without getting tired, he was amazing in the art of dribbling, he was a complete NBA material. When Josiah appeared for the auditions for NBA, he was too excited and believed that no force in the world can stop him from becoming a top NBA player, but to his surprise, he was rejected. Josiah was shattered. His dreams were all torn. He couldn’t believe it.

Josiah went back to his home and started crying during the dinner with his family. Josiah’s parents told him that his life has just started, and whatever happens, happens for good only. His parents told him that he can make much more money and become more popular if he becomes an awesome coder. Josiah listened to his parents’ advice and got himself enrolled in University of Southern California.

The day Josiah decided that he is going to get enrolled in an engineering college, the very day he bought the best laptop for engineering students for 1000. He is very happy with the laptop that he bought and brags that nobody can get a better deal than him. He also brags that he knows some secret websites that tell him which electronics to buy.