Roberta is a 29 year young former Toyota dealership employee. Roberta was born a salesperson. Roberta used to sell Pokemon cards on eBay when she was only 16. Roberta used to sell her old toys in school after she grew up. Roberta could sell a Toyota to a lifetime Ford fanboy. That’s how good at sales Roberta is. Nothing to do with her looks or voice. She is just an average looking young woman.

Roberta gradually started getting bored of her job. Even though Roberta was selling Toyotas, she wanted to have her own new Ferrari and she was willing to do whatever it took to buy one. Roberta didn’t have a rich boyfriend who could buy her one, she is a lifelong celibate.

Roberta always knew that there is a lot of potential in her and she has this crazy energy and drive for everything. Roberta needed to find a way to buy her dream car – “A Yellow Ferrari 488”. Once while reading random news websites, she stumbled upon an article that went something like “Amazon seller making millions a year using this one technique”, Roberta said to herself, “This is it”. Roberta started looking for more information on the internet regarding how to sell on Amazon everyday after she came back home from work (Toyota Dealership).

Roberta had the money she needed to invest in starting her own Amazon store. She got a company registered and started selling in the automotive and powersports category. She didn’t become a superseller within a month, but it took her somewhere around 16-17 months to really take it off and she doesn’t own her yellow Ferrari 488 yet, but soon she will be driving one. And yes, did I tell you that she is already making 26k a month selling on Amazon. Soon the amount can be 130k. How you liked that?