Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd (name changed) is a full-fledged plastic company based in Manchester, England. They have been selling what they sell for over 6 decades now. Their products include plastic chairs, plastic combs, plastic drinking glasses, and lots of other things. Everything was going great until Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd manufactured its own products at its own manufacturing unit. Cowen and Kahan may not be on par with the topmost companies of the United Kingdom when it comes to the sales numbers or revenue, but it is super-popular when it comes to the quality. You may say that Cowen and Kahan is a synonym for the quality.

Cowen and Kahan couldn’t afford to run its manufacturing operations with the competitors importing all the stuff from the Asian countries including China, India and Pakistan. Cowen and Kahan Pvt Ltd tried its best to keep manufacturing its products, but they couldn’t last long.

Back in the year 2015, Cowen and Kahan had 2 options, first was to shut down forever and the second was to outsource the manufacturing to some factory in China, India or Pakistan.

They preferred option 2 and the founders went to the Republic of China to look for a company that can guarantee them the same quality produced at their manufacturing unit for a much lower price. They roamed all over Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and didn’t find anything that can compete with their British made plastic product. They were planning to go to India until they read an article in a newspaper about a Dongguan based plastic injection mold company that looked very promising.

The founders took a flight from Shanghai to Dongguan. After reaching there, they were astonished to see that the quality wasn’t only on par with their British made products, but it was even better. The founders decided to order 30, 000 units instantly.

They are now doing business as usual but the profit margins have gone much higher.