Aadam is a 32 years old police officer in the city of Ipoh, Malaysia. Aadam got married at the age of 23 to the love of his life. His wife’s name is Arissa and they both know each other since 2nd grade.

Aadam had no idea that love life and marriage are two separate things. It is very easy to live as a lover or a boyfriend, but being a committed and devoted husband is something very different.

Aadam and his wife are originally from the George Town, Malaysia. They were very happy together when they both used to live in the George Town; they lived there for almost 2 years after their marriage. Aadam used to be a junior in the service back then. His job used not be so stressful and the excitement of making love to his newly wedded wife would keep him energetic all day.

But then, things changed. Aadam was promoted, his salary increased and so the stress. He would come back home tired and worried. Most of the days, he would just have dinner and go to sleep straight away. His wife wasn’t happy at all with his promotion. She was missing his warm love too much ever since.

Aadam’s wife searched all over the internet what she could do to bring the old Aadam back. She typed the question on the Reddit, Yahoo Answers and Quora. Everywhere, there were different replies coming, but the ones on the Yahoo Answers appealed to her the most. The guys and the girls on Yahoo Answers recommended Ubat Kuat. She gave it a go and ordered some online.

She mixed 2 pills in the juice of Aadam once he came back from the office. No wonder, Aadam didn’t sleep that until he made tremendous love to his wife and lasted for over 200 minutes.