Thom is a 29 year old history teacher at one of the most prolific schools in Hanoi City. Thom is not your ordinary boring teacher. Thom loves to have fun and she is very regular at the bar scene. She even met her fiance at a bar. They both got drunk together and fall in love.

Thom’s fiance is a chemist. He has 2 pharmacies in the Bach Khoa area. His name is Quy.

Quy proposed Thom at a New Year Party. Thom was waiting for it for very long. She wanted Quy to initiate the first step. Thom literally started crying at the time when Quy proposed her. They call it tears of joy.

Quy and Thom are both fitness freaks. Both hit the same gym 6 days a week. Both have a great sense of humor and they both love to crack jokes on almost every topic.

They also go to play basketball at a local club together.

Thom and Quy are getting married in November of this year. Thom has already ordered her bridal dress (may áo cưới) at Fiance Bridal after traveling and searching half of the Hanoi city and surrounding areas.

Thom comes from a very well-off family and money wasn’t an issue at all while she was looking for her bridal dress. The only thing that she cared about was the quality, the design and expert tailors. She found that all at Fiance Bridal.

Thom and Quy are planning to go to Pattaya for the honeymoon. They want a long honeymoon. They want to enjoy for at least a month or two. They have also started thinking about their babies’ names. They both want twins, but let’s see what goes ahead.