Balduino is a 33 year old Brazilian dude born and raised in the city of Sorocaba, but moved to Ubatuba when he was 27 because he got a job at his cousin’s fisheries there.

Balduino started his own fishing company by the time he was 32. How did that happen? Well, it is a secret that Balduino tried to keep it to himself but I have found about it and I will tell you about the same at the end of this post.

Balduino also fell in love with the cat that is very popular on the Youtube for attacking its own owner. The cat’s name is Maxwell, if you have seen the video of a Z-black cat that attacks its own owner after hearing 3-4 No’s, you must have got by now what I am saying.

Balduino still recalls the day when he came newly to the town of Ubatuba, how he used to stare at the guys drinking smoothies, shakes and juices at the local shacks.

Overall, in life, Balduino has met several hostile and bad people, his own cousin didn’t treat him right and that’s the reason why Balduino thought of starting his own fisheries. That was the beginning of the end of Balduino’s cousin business and the rise of Balduino. Most of the employees working at the Balduino’s cousin fisheries have left the job there to work for Balduino.

Balduino’s biggest strength is that instead of trying to learn several skills and subjects at once, he focuses on only one skill and one subject at a time. But, focusing on a skill is not enough when it comes to starting a business. And a business like fisheries requires a lot of investment. You must be wondering how and from where Balduino got so much money, so here is the answer – Aumentar o score do cpf