Emelie is an orchestra singer in Beijing, China. When Emelie got her first laptop, she was wasting almost all her time chatting all the time on the internet. When Emelie went to the New York for playing music, someone told her about the discord chat and she spent all her time chatting on discord chatrooms after that.

Emelie is a very trusting and peaceful lady and that’s her biggest weakness. Everybody tries to take advantage of her peaceful and trusting nature.

Emelie was raised up in an area of Dongguan city where everyone used to starve at once but now they have all gone overweight. They just can’t stop eating the food that they can afford now. They don’t even understand that they can only get fat after eating too much. I think they listen to Never too much by Luther Vandross too much.

Emelie only drinks once in the year and that is on 31st October of each year. Emelie is always looking for Halloween costumes ideas for adults. She already owns tens of Halloween costumes and she can never get enough of them.

Emelie recently broke up her 3 year long relationship with her boyfriend. She discovered that all he does throughout the day is talk to cam girls on different websites. He lied to her that he is owner of one of the fastest growing architectural firms in the Republic of China, turned out that he does nothing the whole day. He doesn’t own any firm at all and he is not even an architect. He didn’t even complete his senior high school.

Emelie is on a lookout for a new and deserving boyfriend. She is going to visit Thailand very soon, and she is hoping that she doesn’t find many cold and arrogant people there. My own gut feeling is that she will find someone at the Halloween party this year.