Gajodhar Pandey is a Varanasi, India born civil engineer. Gajodhar’s family was and is still a very religious Hindu family. Gajodhar was born and raised in a very religious atmosphere with her mother doing prayers 3 times a day and his father doing it twice a day (once in the morning after taking a both and once before sleeping).

After Gajodhar completed his school, he decided that he will become a civil engineer. Gajodhar’s parents were very happy with the decision. They enrolled Gajodhar into one of the top civil engineering colleges and while Gajodhar was still in college, he started getting job offers.

After Gajodhar completed his college education, he went for the highest paying job that he could find, at that time INR 60, 000 (roughly about 950 US Dollar). Gajodhar kept on getting promoted in India and his last package in India was INR 5.5 Million and then he got an offer to work for one of the biggest real estate organizations in the world with headquarters in the United States of America.

Gajodhar happily moved to the United States of America. After Gajodhar moved to the United States of America, his habits changed, his whole lifestyle in fact changed. He became an atheist and started eating meat as well. His current salary is 1.5 Million US Dollar per annum and he has a couple of sports cars with Porsche Carrera GT being his most favorite.

Gajodhar also loves to go for hunting in Zambia during vacations and recently he hunted Cape Buffalos there with his bow. He uses bow instead of a gun because he finds it more fun, and he finds it even more fun since he bought that best bow sight. He doesn’t tell his parents that he has turned atheist or a non-vegetarian. He is planning to go to India for a week during the next vacations and he will act there like he is still that religious and strict vegetarian Gajodhar Pandey.