Julia used to be a cashier at one of the largest department stores in Brazil. Julia is a stunning beauty, she was working at the same store since she was 18 and once when she was 21, she got an offer to marry her from one of the richest men in town who is also very popular, but Julia rejected it out of her self-esteem and self-respect.

Julia then kept on working at the same store even though the salary was too low for her. Julia loves to experiment and she has experimented several things throughout her lifetime including some NSFW stuff. Julia when 26, decided to marry her longtime boyfriend whom she knew from the school days, he used to be her neighbor and they both liked each other since they both were 12.

Julia got married to her boyfriend, the couple had a son together, but the relationship didn’t go so well so they decided to divorce each other when they both were 30. Julia fell into another relationship with a man 8 years older than her, but they had a great chemistry together.

Julia’s new husband used to sellĀ sorteio da tele sena numbers. And he would give Julia one new number each day. Once Julia won the biggest prize and the prize was 10 million Brazilian reals. Julia’s husband hasn’t made this much money selling throughout his career and out of happiness, Julia and her husband went to the Beach Hop to celebrate a short honeymoon. They made tremendous love there and enjoyed each and every second of it and each and every inch of each other.

After coming back, Julia decided to send her son to the topmost school of Brazil and she has already decided to send him to the Harvard once his schooling is complete.