Amelot is a 38 year old Veterinary Physician who is more than able for his job. He is really a fantastic vet. A vet so good you have never before. I am shocked that Amelot has never got a single award for his veterinary services yet. He has got it all what it takes to be an unbelievably good vet.

Whenever Amelot has a spare day, he doesn’t forget to go for fishing at Florida Keys with one of his best spinning reels.

Amelot’s story of becoming a vet is not less interesting than a fictional movie. Amelot was always afraid of all sorts of animals since the very childhood and he was very afraid of the dogs (particularly of the bigger size, he didn’t fear Chihuahuas, Poodles or Pomeranians so much). I think it runs in his family, his father also feared dogs very much throughout his childhood and teenage years. Amelot’s mother always found Amelot’s fear very strange and always encouraged him to buy a dog to eliminate his fear forever. But Amelot wouldn’t listen. Amelot once thought of buying a dog after listening to his mother’s advice and after he slept that night, he had a nightmare that his dog transformed into a 50 feet tall giant and he is running after Amelot.

Amelot’s life completely changed when a motivational speaker came to Amelot’s school to give a speech and one of the things he said was “Always do the things you fear the most”. That moment changed Amelot, he asked his mother to give him some money to buy a dog. His mom went along with him to buy a Bichon Frise dog. Amelot wanted to start removing his fears with a smaller and less dangerous breed. After an year, he bought another dog, an Irish Water Spaniel, and year after year he kept on buying a bigger breed. His love for the animals and dogs grew so much that he decided to become a vet and the rest is history.