Makayla’s friends and family all considered her crazy when she told them that she wants to be involved in the photo frame business. They all told her that when everyone has mobile phones having better camera than an actual camera nobody is getting their photos framed anymore, they all have it in their phone memory, hard drive or USB.

Well, they were partially correct. The photo frame industry isn’t as big as it once used to be, but everyone should pursue his/her passion and that’s what Makayla did exactly. She didn’t care about what her friends or family told her.

Makayla first did a thorough research on the industry and then made her plan. It was a wonderful plan and the biggest proof of it being wonderful is that it worked exactly as was expected by Makayla.

Makayla is an expert at online marketing and she learnt the art of online marketing from her brother who now lives in Malmo, Sweden with his wife and two kids.

Makayla imported 2000 photo frames from one of the top Chinese glass companies that goes by the name Ginde Glass, and meanwhile when even the photo frames didn’t arrive her location, she spread the rumor everywhere on the internet that the ones not using photo frames are considered losers by the society and they are all looked down by the visitors.

She spread it all over the internet including the forums, blogs, Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, you name it and by the time the photo frames arrived her location, they were already hugely in demand. Makayla also created an extremely stylish website for selling the photo frames and also put the listings on Amazon and eBay, and would you believe it? She was able to sell all 2000 photo frames within 4 days of their arrival.