Amy was only 19 when she started freelancing. She used to sell her amazing writing services at an unbelievably good price. One of her richie rich clients fell in love with her. The client was from Italy and Amy was a resident of Kansas City, America. He traveled all the way to Kansas City from Naples, Italy to have a coffee with Amy.

Although the man was 8 years older than Amy, she quite liked him when they personally met. After 5-6 meetings, he proposed Amy and took her to Naples with him.

Their love has been on a steady rise for each other since the day they both got married. Amy is loving the city of Naples and is very glad to have found such a great life partner in such a beautiful city.

Amy’s husband owns a brewery that is now being managed by Amy. Amy recently replaced all the outdated equipment in the brewery with the most advanced one. She even got a PC control for running the brewery which she never heard of before. Thank God she found out from a directory.

Amy wants to be a doctor and is thinking of getting enrolled into a medical school. She hasn’t yet due to the shortage of time.

Amy is very complacent about herself. Even though she gives her best to everything, she still doesn’t appreciate herself much and has only complaints about herself. Recently, during the holiday season, she had lots of celebratory eating and has been cursing herself ever since because she gained 4 pounds of fat after that.

Even after being complacent about herself, Amy is very optimistic and positive about her and her husband’s future. They have a child on the way and after Amy thinks she has enough time, she will enroll into a medical school.