Many people overlook the benefits of owning one major store than owning several small ones, luckily Chelsea didn’t feel this way and she owns several major stores. Bigger than most her rivals.

Chelsea wasted years of her life dating this one man who ended up stealing all the money she had at that time and also taking away her business contacts’ phone numbers. Chelsea is a 41 year old tall blonde with blue eyes. She has always been in perfect shape. Back then when that idiot took away her contacts and money with him, she was 32. She still recalls that moment sometimes and tells how she had so many rich and handsome guys proposing her and she ended up dating this short and ugly guy because she thought he had a great sense of humor.

Chelsea believes in religious brotherhood and has posters that talk about religious brotherhood stuck everywhere in her stores. Chelsea owns a chain of 10 kitchenware stores and she is not stopping at that. There was a time when Chelsea used to sell Kitchenware door to door, then she started selling them online. She has come a long way from there. She recently installed this camera app on her PC to keep a check on her stores from this website – She seems too happy with this app and says that it has made managing her stores very easy for her.

Chelsea is a monotheist. While she is not a devout Christian, she believes that there is a creator and it is not like what they tell according to any of the religions. Chelsea was never greedy and she has a great love for all the pet animals and she hates wild animals. Chelsea is also a raw vegan and hasn’t touch non-vegetarian food in the past 7 years.