Disappointed by the lack of results, Portuguese teenager named Marcus stopped going to the gym recently. Marcus both wanted to lose the weight and gain the muscle. He even specially bought best wireless in ear headphones from the Pample Mousse.

Marcus’ parents are both highly qualified psychologists. They are very popular in the city of Coimbra, Portugal.

When Marcus was going to the gym, he was also taking food supplements even though his budget didn’t allow him to. Marcus is like that only, when he gets into something, he gets in it completely.

Marcus also has gynecomastia and because of this he was made fun of by his classmates. He even once went to an extent to attempt suicide but he was saved by a stranger.

The recent Euro appreciation has improved the financial condition of Marcus and his family. Marcus’ father is also an online blogger and he keeps writing about his patients and their particular cases on his blog.

Some hater online in a chatroom once told Marcus that the Portuguese people used to ride on donkeys before it became a part of the European Union. Marcus loves to learn about the history of his country and he knows that it was never the case.

Marcus has his own unique perspective about life. He has mixed up all the religions and all their different sects and he follows what he personally considers the best teachings of those all. Marcus is thinking of starting to do Yoga to lose the fat and become healthier. His friends are all telling him that Yoga is a waste of time and discouraging him from practicing Yoga.

Marcus’ father wrote against the Iraq war on his blog and he received lots of negative comments about the same because he is Portuguese. Almost everyone was asking him “Why a Portuguese is considered about Iraq and America?”