Debora from Miami is a big fan of Don Johnson. She loves to dress her boyfriend in Miami Vice style pastel clothing. Recently, she bought some pastel color activewear from MadOxx for her boyfriend and he loved it. She was having tears of joy while chewing his gum he told Debora that he loves the sweatpants and sweatshirts she gifted him.

Debora is a very generous lady and she donates 10% of her income to charitable organizations each year. You will be surprised to know that although Debora is one of the greatest fans of the television show Miami Vice, she doesn’t like to see violence on other television shows or movies at all.

Debora’s mother is a trained Ballet dancer. She wanted Debora to learn it too but Debora hates it. Debora is overweight too from the very childhood and that’s also one reason why she is so scared of the ballet.

Debora has a very strong habit of daydreaming from the very childhood but she knows that it is nothing but a waste of time and whenever she catches herself daydreaming, she stops it. Debora’s best friend Keisha is a flat-earther and she bores the hell out of Debora each time she meets her with her strange conspiracy theories.

Recently, she offered Debora a book by one of the most popular conspiracy theorists of all time Eustace Mullins. Debora rejected it because Keisha is very gabby and after gifting the book, she would have asked Debora whether she read the book or not. She would have asked it on whatsapp, phone call, skype, you name it. She would have also questioned her opinion.

Some people are really annoying. I don’t understand how these 2 girls so different have been the best friends for over a decade now.