Riggan is a 41 year old man who was born in El Paso, Texas, raised in Fort Worth TX and currently living in Prescott AZ.

Riggan commands respect in his Volvo XC90 Excellence which he bought for 120, 000 last year. Do you know what Riggan does for a living? The answer is “nothing”. The exceptionally talented gentlemen and ladies at Prescott Financial Planning Company invest Riggan’s money in all the right places and earn him profits more than 90% of the American working people make working all year.

Most of Riggan’s problems used to arise because of his alcoholism and anger. He renounced both those evils in 2016 and he has never touched alcohol or got angry on anything since then.

Recently, Riggan volunteered for the innocent civilians of Syria and he did it hardcore. For about 3 weeks, he spent all his days doing the same. He volunteered on the blogs’ commenting section, he did in the chatrooms, forums, Youtube, social media, you name it.