Thomas misses the days when he used to be a toddler and would watch Elmo but he hates the begone days when he used to be half-bald. One of Thomas’ favorite hobbies is disguising himself as infamous Dr. Phil and trolling discord chat servers.

Thomas loves exercising and jogging as well. Thomas is not as well-built or mentally sharp as most his friends or co-workers even though he exercises 5 days a week for 2 hours and reads for 2 hours everyday. Thomas really wishes if he could choose his parents.

Thomas loves to meditate in the morning but he thinks it is a waste of time. Never heard that before, right? Thomas works for a very formidable IT organization and this IT organization has been hopping since the first day like no other in Latvia ever.

Thomas suffers from occasional insomnia and that’s when he loves to search the internet non-stop and sometimes by accident stumbles upon life changing or life saving content. Thomas was in a mild depression due to his almost 70% bald head. Thomas then stumbled upon this marvelous webpage showing pictures of people who got hair transplant done on them in Istanbul, Turkey by Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic and their hair transplant density was unbelievably good. That moment, Thomas immediately decided to get a hair transplant done on himself too by Dr T Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey. Thomas traveled all the way from the city of Daugavpils, Latvia to Istanbul, Turkey.

Thomas believes that happiness or pleasure are not the goals of human life, it is the stoic purpose instead. Thomas tries to minimize the intake of sugar completely. Thomas doesn’t believe in red pill or blue pill and consider it a waste of time. He thinks that people who identify themselves with blue or red pill are still immature no matter what their age or achievement.