Haluk was kicked out of 2 campuses. Haluk doesn’t care at all if what he does or says hurts other people. Haluk is also extremely quick to judge people. He recently bought his first house on the mortgage in the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Haluk is a Muslim from Turkey and his parents are Sunni Islamists; that’s why Haluk didn’t tell his parents about buying the house on mortgage. Haluk personally hates borrowing money on interest but he had no other choice. Haluk loves chicken biryani but he loves pork biryani much more than the chicken biryani. He used to be a religious fanatic back when he lived in Turkey but since he moved to the states, he has changed a lot.

After entering in his new house, Haluk found scums all over the bathtub. So, he immediately went to the Walmart to buy a top notch bathtub soap scum remover.

Haluk’s parents’ strict Sunni Islamic attitude had a huge impact on him. He used to feel very awkward all the time when he first came to the United States but then he became one of them. Haluk donated 10, 000 US Dollars for the 2011 Van Earthquake victims.

While Haluk was very hyperactive since he was very little, his younger brother Alp used to be a little slow. It is still the same. Alp always had an unstable relationship with his parents while Haluk always had a stable one.

Haluk has recently been hitting the gym 6 days a week. He takes cold showers 365 days a year and eats lots of nuts, beans, rice and oats. Whereas Alp is lazy and takes naps all the time.