Anne Simpson (name changed) is a sort of popular Youtuber. Anne is 23 now and she has been uploading the videos on Youtube since she was 19. Anne’s most popular video is the one in which she confessed about being pregnant at the age of 15 and getting kicked out from her parents’ home after they discovered that she is pregnant.

Anne was homeless with her baby until about 4 months ago working full time at a popular strip club in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo. Anne is no magician but she bought a new penthouse only after a couple of days of being homeless. No, none of her clients gifted her that. Anne won that with Rio de Prêmios aka River of Awards. No, they didn’t gift her the penthouse, but they gifted her 10 million Brazil Reals with what she bought a new penthouse in Barueri, Sao Paulo.

Now, Anne doesn’t need to work as a stripper anymore to raise her child. She is looking for small business opportunities. She has also started looking for a new man for her life and her baby. She recently was dating this guy who would brag about everything to her but Anne used to be a stripper and she can smell the lies. She finally discovered that the dude is 34 years old and still lives with his parents and is a complete loser in reality.

Anne loves her decision of not aborting her child and she has started running an anti-abortion website also. She is still looking for a reliable company for SEO and marketing. Anne hates procrastinating and procrastinators and she wants a SEO company that is super-quick. SEO is a lot of work and I really hope that she finds out some company that has nothing but expert workers who know what they are doing.