Damian (name changed) is a dedicated life coach in Adelaide, South Australia. Damian’s cousin is one of the most popular cartoonists in Australia. Damian has been accused of misogyny by the people addicted to misinterpreting on his personal blog.

Damian even mentioned about being sexually abused as a child on his blog and received nothing but hate for that too. One of Damian’s cousin recently married his ex-mother in law and Damian received hate even for that.

Damian hates liars and he claims that he never lied in his life. Damian has helped several people who in the past damaged their brains completely with drug use. Damian was once homeless and today several people look up to become like him. Damian has lectured in several large multinational corporations around the world and he was a hit everywhere.

Damian claims that his greatest inspiration has ever been his schoolmate and one of the longest lasting friends, a personal trainer Australia.

Damian was stuck in this love triangle last year and the lover of this girl with whom Damian was in relationship asked Damian for 50, 000 AUD to go away from her life forever. Damian disagreed and said “I won’t pay a penny to you.”

It is Damian’s doctrine to never pay for intangible things unless they are required for business. Damian was expecting something else while sitting with the other lover on the negotiation table. Damian didn’t even consider this guy a threat ever. Damian stopped talking and texting this girl after meeting this guy and she then realized how much she loves Damian. Since then, Damian and her have been living in a live-in relationship.