Chastity Everly (name changed) is an English girl who was born in the most beautiful and the largest city of Somerset county of England called Bath. Well, Chastity herself hated to bath when she was a kid and she is not a big fan of bathing even now. In the winters, she tries her best to escape that bath/shower.

Chastity’s cousins say that everything that Chastity says is a lie. Chastity and her cousins have a great rivalry game going on since they were little. They showed all the signs of jealousy towards each other every time they met. They would flip out on each other for the littlest things. They all had an entitled attitude and the funny thing is that none of these guys ever realized that they have an entitled attitude. Their parents did their best to make these guys forge a relationship but they failed each time.

To make the things move in the opposite direction. Chastity’s grandmother and grandfather booked a paket wisata jogja (Jogja city tour package) for all their grandsons and granddaughters together so that these guys can forge a happy relationship. The grandmother and grandfather themselves are going to be there with them.

One thing that is common among Chastity and all her cousins is that they used to be very bright kids in the school. One of Chastity’s female cousins whose name is Demi, used to be chronically depressed as a kid but she still used to score very high grades which would shock even her teachers.