Bailey Borg (name changed) is a Maltese gentleman from the Northern Harbour district who believes that pain is the greatest motivator. Bailey Borg accuses his parents of poor parenting skills and also says that their poor parenting skills is what made him move out when he was 18 and made his fortune which is very uncommon in Malta. Most middle-class or low income children live with their parents until they get married.

Bailey Borg owns a supermarket store chain with stores inĀ  all over Malta, Gozo and Sicily. Bailey’s ultimate goal is to create a larger chain than the Walmart. At a very young age, Bailey found the greatest secret of financial freedom and prosperity and that secret is called ‘focus’. Bailey always has a list of his business and personal goals in his pocket. Bailey believes that the global economy is going in a bad direction but he is certain that his company and his personal income are only going to grow in the near future.

Bailey used to be extremely proud of his long wavy blonde hair back in his teens and early 20s. He started losing hair on his temples and crown area back in the early 2017 and was extremely worried about it until natural hair restoration came to the rescue. Bailey’s could completely reverse his hair loss with Finasteride and Minoxidil. Bailey is again proud of his hair and has better hair for a man in his mid-40s than the most others.

Bailey’s current girlfriend is the apple of his eye and she loves Bailey for his looks but more than his girlfriend, Bailey’s kids are proud to hang around with Bailey.