Yonatan Borg (name changed) always keeps on thinking something. He has a habit of thinking about either the past or the future all the time.

Yonatan has been trying telepathy through difficult occult practices for a long while without any success.

There was a time when Yonatan used to be obsessed with Hinduism a lot. He used to believe that India is some sort of land of mystery and the so-called Hindu holy gurus and mystics have a lot to tell.

Yonatan lived and stayed in India for about an year and meanwhile also got a chest hair transplant because a Hindu holy guru told him that it is not possible to reach the peak of spirituality without a hairy chest and that’s one reason why it is impossible for women to become enlightened.

Yonatan appreciates his decision of getting the hair transplant on his chest by none other than the best specialist for the same aka Dr T aka Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu.

After getting the chest hair transplant done, Yonatan moved back from Turkey to India, Yonatan started spiritual and occult practices again. After wasting his one precious year and his career, Yonatan realized the truth of the Hinduism, spirituality and occult practices. Yonatan moved back to Turkey forever.

Yonatan had already lost his credibility in the company that he worked for by the time he came back to Turkey. He didn’t get a job elsewhere and ultimately decided to start his own business. Yonatan worked harder at his own business than he ever did at his job and now Yonatan is in a position that he doesn’t work hard for the money but his money works hard for him.