Levona Nudelman (name changed) is an American-Jewish woman who migrated to the city of Rio de Janeiro to implement the innovative business plan that she had. She had a business idea that she believed could only be initiated from the city of Rio de Janeiro. Her business failed disastrously after years of her trying to make it successful.

The disastrous failure of her business which she worked so hard on for years wasn’t enough to make Levona hate life. She is one of the strongest ladies that you will ever meet. Most of the times, all the odds have always been against Levona but she would never give up.

Even though Levona is not a lucky person, she sometimes love to buy lottery tickets and in a hope of getting lucky she bought a couple of lucky day (dia de sorte) tickets. For the first time ever in her life, she really got lucky, on the day of the lucky day’s results (resultado dia de sorte) she was astonished to know that she had won 5.6 Million Brazillian Reals.

Levona definitely got astonished but she didn’t get crazy or mad after that. She said that she deserved and it and it was a gift of mother nature to her. Levona is a hardcore agnostic and individualist. She dedicates all of her spare time advocating agnosticism and individualism in the chatrooms and forums.

With the amount that she won, I think she will spend less of her time advocating agnosticism and individualism and rather invest that time in starting a new business. Levona always has some business idea running around her mind and I am sure that soon I and my blog readers will soon get the news about her new business.