Ramzan Nisar (name changed) is a Turkish architect who hates the suppressors and believes that civilization is a myth. When angry, Ramzan breaks things around the house.

Ramzan has a wonderful habit of reading 3 hours every morning before going to the office. He also has this great capability inherited in him from his parents that he looks for a valuable lesson in every failure, setback and difficulty.

Ramzan has a very charming, sensual, playful and pretty wife. Ramzan’s wife runs a travel agency and offers nothing but outstanding travel packages. Ramzan’s wife treats him like a king. She always spend a very warm, relaxing and full of pampering time with him. Last month, she gifted Ramzan a 2000 Grafts Hair Transplant. Ramzan is extremely happy with his new look and so is his wife.

Ramzan believes that life is not logical at all and that’s one reason why he is blessed with this quality of never regretting his past actions but only learning from those.

As you may be aware by now that Ramzan is extremely strict with punctuality. He responds to all the queries of his prospects immediately and all his meetings with clients are individually designed to accommodate the client’s needs and wants.

There was a time when Ramzan had given up on himself. It was the worst time in Ramzan’s life, he claims. Ramzan’s father was a member of the traditional Turkish main business fraternity and he didn’t want Ramzan to be like him. Ramzan used to love his father a lot and would talk all the time with him when he was around to the point that he would end up annoying him.