Olivia Allen (name changed) is a party girl who loves to have romantic dates with her husband. She says that the marriage even made their relationship more romantic rather than the opposite.

Olivia possesses the beauty of an angel and her husband whom we will call Ramon here, looks nothing less than a Greek god.

Olivia has a sister whom we will call Nasha here, Nasha is a very popular bisexual guitar player on the Youtube. She is perhaps the most popular female guitar player on the internet, if not the most popular female guitar player, she is definitely the most popular bisexual guitar player on the internet. Nasha has also started playing in front of the crowds for the past couple of months and the tickets for her show are overselling. Nasha always prefers a younger crowd as she says that they are very cheering and energetic which makes Nasha extremely cheerful and energetic too.

Olivia and Ramon had a very big hand in making Nasha so popular all over the internet but that doesn’t mean Nasha is not talented. Nasha is incredibly talented and even the haters that can’t stop posting negative comments beneath her videos can’t deny that.

Now coming back to Olivia and Ramon are not vulnerable to the outside dangerous environment of working as they both are involved in marketing digital. One of Ramon’s best friends is addicted to calling 911 due to sick and crazy customers coming to his store all the time. Whenever Ramon looks at him, he thanks god that his is not a brick and mortar store.

Ramon and Olivia spend a remarkably relaxing time whenever they feel like it without having to worry about any crazy or sick customer. Indeed, the digital marketing business is a gift from god.