A little bit of passion and imagination can take you a long way. Tamara Ferrera (name changed) is an American woman who is now 31 years old. When Tamara told her husband Rick that she is now bored of his small size and he needs to do something about it, Rick didn’t get angry at all due to Tamara’s easy-going attitude that makes everyone around her feel completely at ease. Tamara’s passion for fun and her imagination that there must be some such thing as a penile implant surgery really changed the life of herself and obviously that of the Rick’s for the better only.

Tamara is a blond-haired, blue eyed hottie with a curvy frame and 38D breasts which Rick loves to squeeze in all the right ways. After they make out they enjoy lots of cuddles and kissing. Their evening together is a pleasure beyond the reality of your imagination.

Before Rick got the implant done on his private organ, Tamara used to feel a bit lonely many times. She used to call male escorts for short sessions when Rick was away on a business trip. She felt strange paying for it but she did it nevertheless. She has still kept it a secret that she ever cheated on Rick.

Tamara has an open-minded spirit and the possibilities are endless with her. She is genuinely bisexual and brings her best friend and colleague Tyra along with her to the house so that Rick can have double the fun. Tyra is a delightful, dusky darling with a very open-mind, a stunning body and a warm, endearing personality making her ideal for social occasions and events as well for Rick when Tamara is not around.