Cameron Jeremy (name changed) finds most interactions with other people harsh and very seldom amusing. Cameron is a very high energy lady and spiritual too. She claims that most people are filled with negative energy and that’s why she doesn’t like an average person much. Cameron is a silent type and she doesn’t like to talk much. She prefers speaking only when required.

Cameron is a fitness freak and she claims that fitness requires conviction. “Conviction is an absolute when you are concerned with fitness, one cannot expect to get fit within a week by walking on cheap treadmills for an hour”, she told me last time when I had a conversation with her.

Cameron also claims that sexual abstinence is one of the best proven phenomenons when it comes to anti-aging. She claims that it is possible to live without any sexual encounter for anyone if she/he has a strong will. One of the things that she learnt while studying Kung Fu and Traditional Chinese medicine is that sex is merely meant for procreation, it is pleasurable because the nature intended us to multiply and most likely we wouldn’t have multiplied if it wasn’t for the pleasure. She also claims that our ancestors had wasteful lives because they over-indulged in consumption and we shouldn’t repeat the mistakes and sins of our ancestors.

In my opinion, whether what Cameron is saying is true or not, we should at least try staying celibate for a while in order to learn whether what some genius minds said about celibacy is true or not. Henry David Thoreau called it the ‘flowering of man’.