Stana Bogdanov (name changed) loves to eat exotic food, especially stuff like tapir snout. Stana is a woman but she is extremely masculine when it comes to beating her business competitors. She doesn’t leave any space for those dudes and if some newbie wants to come into the industry that Stana is already involved in, he/she thinks at least 4 times again because nobody can take a share of Stana’s business without incurring losses. Stana attributes her extraordinary capabilities to the perfect combination of Yin and Yang.

Stana has a very bad habit of breaking things while angry. Stana used to be an extremely good but impatient student in school too. She was popular for her impatience and anger in the school too. Stana’s sister Ana was popular for her desperation.

Stana’s father used to be a very popular figure in the catholic world and he was seen with major catholic chiefs quite too often.

Stana loves to listen to the motivational speakers. Her favorite used to be Jim Rohn until she discovered Brian Tracy. She didn’t like Jim Rohn so much ever but she knew of no alternate person to listen to when she needed some motivation. She found Jim Rohn contradicting himself all the time, with Brian Tracy that’s not an issue. Stana says that Brian Tracy is the man who has made one of the most major impacts in Stana’s life and he has left an imprint on her mind like almost no other person ever has. It is a huge compliment for anyone to hear such compliment from a tough lady like Stana who seldom appreciates anyone or anything.

Stana saves a lot of her money in her QIWI wallet and bitcoins and he often converts her QIWI money to bitcoins (обмен киви на биткоин).