Mindy Salvador (name changed) cries thinking about her high school crush whom she never asked out or told her feelings to. Mindy has been thinking about the guy all the time since she got to know that he is the owner of an expensive and popular brand which Mindy cannot get enough of flaunting if she ever buys.

Last time Mindy bought a product of that brand was when the prices of the bitcoin reached its record high for the first time. Mindy owned some of the bitcoins that she received as a present from one of her sisters – Phoenix. When Mindy heard on a news channel that the prices of the bitcoins have hit a record high, she immediately verified it onĀ crypto market cap and immediately went on a buying spree.

Mindy married a broke alcoholic just because he is good in bed, that’s one of the stupidest thing one can do in my arrogant opinion.

While Mindy’s high school crush was enjoying driving his Porsche Cayenne from Fujairah to Dubai in UAE, enjoying the sight of hills and desert, Mindy and her broke alcoholic husband were catching a bus to Mindy’s single aunt’s house to flatter her so that she can lend some money to them.

Mindy has been thinking about starting her Youtube channel where she will offer ‘Royalty Free Music’ and make money by Youtube ads only. Good idea if you ask me.

Mindy’s broke alcoholic husband turns into a conspiracy theorist when high (he is high most of the times). He claims that the rising gasoline price is an international conspiracy geared towards something that only he and other genuine conspiracy theorists know.