Erika Donoso (name changed) used to be an extraordinary advertising executive until the day she decided to use her extraordinary advertising talent for herself. She owns 24 different successful e-commerce (com̩rcio eletr̫nico) stores now, all created with three things in mind Рcustomer satisfaction, customer retention and value creation.

Erika was honored many times in her company as employee of the year but instead of feeling proud and arrogant like most other, she kept on improving her skills and here she is today, one of the most successful women in the state of Mato Grosso.

Along with being a successful businesswoman, Erika is a remarkable and wonderful human being. Erika has some of the most crazy observations and ideas that you might have never come across before, Erika is obsessed with the history of United Kingdom of Israel and Judah. She dreams about sleeping with Goliath the Giant and Saul – the first emperor of the Kingdom of Israel and Judah. You may be wondering why King David is not in the list of Erika, that’s because King David was short or of average height according to the texts and Erika only likes tall men.

According to Erika, “There is no such thing as adultery, every sexual and physical attraction is natural. Your physical chemistry and hormones do not change after getting married to someone. You are a human being first of all. All human beings have their own desires and the desire of flesh is the most common and pious one. Instead of banishing each other from having any sort of a relationship with another human being, the spouses must encourage and help each other to get the person that they like. Marriage should be about happiness, not misery.”