Jade Kovac (name changed) is one of the fastest typist you have never seen. She can type 200 words per minute with her eyes open and 60 words per minute with her eyes closed. Jade is a very empathetic person since the time she was born, she has a habit of thinking more about the others than herself. Jade was born in a modest income household, almost all of Jade’s relatives including her maternal and fraternal uncles and aunts had the same income as her own parents. Jade remembers feeling for all her uncles and aunts who used to have very meager means although she doesn’t remember when any of her cousin felt the same for their own parents or the parents of Jade.

Jade’s brother wants to stay a celibate throughout his life. Recently, a maternal uncle of Jade told Jade’s 31 year old celibate virgin brother who never dated anyone in his life that she met a desperate 24 year young beauty who is looking for a man just like you to date. Jade’s maternal uncle wanted her to be his nephew’s wife too, he liked the lady so much indeed, after hearing all that, Jade’s brother told him to accept Islam and marry her himself.

According to Jade’s celibate brother, “Sex is the most overrated thing on this planet. Modern human beings, not only modern but human beings throughout the known history have been obsessed with this one petty little thing. I understand the obsession of the ancient men as they had nothing better to do, but being obsessed with sex in the modern day is ridiculous when there tons of better things to do that are even beneficial unlike sex, which is nothing but harmful if done for anything other than procreation.”

Jade remembers how her mother used to sell hand-baked meringue cookies back when she was a child. Jade’s parents really worked a lot harder than you can imagine throughout their lives to provide their kids with everything necessary. Jade remembers her father used to sell Origami Christmas paper house-to-house in the month of December.