Arcana James (name changed) says that early nomadic people discovered oil millions of years ago and thinking of it as a useless commodity, they never bothered about it.

Arcana loves peaceful atmosphere more than anything else, that’s why she wears noise-cancellation earphones almost all the time to make the annoying people inaudible to herself.

Arcana claims that Nordic countries were the most populated part of the world during the ice age.

Arcana is a blogger as well and when she opened up the Oxford Dictionary a couple of days ago, a word popped out – ‘motorist’, the Oxford Dictionary defined it as a person who drives cars. Arcana totally disagreed with it and made a post on her saying that the motorist is a professional race driver not any driver, she criticized the Oxford Dictionary a lot for the same.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Arcana also made a post criticizing the Oxford Dictionary defining ‘Carnal Desires’ as sexual desires, Arcana says that ‘Carnal Desires’ mean animalistic desires and animalistic desires do not only mean sexual desires.

Arcana knows a lot of flat-earthers and she says that all these flat-earthers have two things in common, first they are all blue-collared people and second, they are all retard and inbred right-wingers.

Arcana never buys a car, a house or anything whose prices can be negotiated down.

Arcana’s great-grandfather was one of the most popular and legendary archaeologists of all times and Arcana says that she learnt more from him than her parents or any member of her family.

Arcana is pretty daring too, when she wanted to get a hair transplant in the month of June of this year, everyone was telling her that hair transplant disadvantages clearly outweigh its advantages but Arcana didn’t listen to any of them and she went ahead for a transplant. To their surprise, it has been about 6 months and Arcana hasn’t experienced a single disadvantage caused by the hair transplant yet.