Winai Pongam (name changed) says that hatred is more intense and powerful than love but the love has an upper hand over hatred as the hatred cannot last for too long. Winai says that a person filled with the hatred will either die due to a sudden cardiac arrest or get chronic diseases, Winai says that it is a nature’s way of making the negative powerless and handicapped so that they cannot take over the positive people.

Winai is an amateur historian as well who claims that the earliest human civilization was based in what is now called modern-day Brazil. Winai says that the human beings didn’t originate from Africa but Brazil and the archaeologists must start thinking with an open mind and do a thorough research. Winai even doubts that the archaeologists do any study at all before coming to a conclusion or just showcase in a fancy way what is a general belief.

Winai believes that the weapons of mass destruction have proven to be good in the long run and the world is a better place with those. Winai is never tired of giving the example of the two arch-enemy countries in the Indian subcontinent – India and Pakistan when he talks about the benefits of the nuclear weapons. These countries fought many fights within a very short span of time when these didn’t have any nuclear weapons but since they both have nuclear weapons, not a single battle has taken place between these two.

Winai recently created his own chain of coffee shops which has only 7 coffee shops yet, Winai is confused whether he should distributed franchises or transform his company into a public one. It was Winai’s dream since his teenage years to have a chain of coffee shops which has now become a reality. Winai is not a party guy, he celebrates time to time with little things like buying some canvas or cotton bags (กระเป๋าผ้าแคนวาส) for his wife. Winai’s wife’s most favorite song is ‘The Little Things’ by Colbie Caillat.