Diamond Benatar (name changed) is perhaps the biggest Scooby Doo fan that you have never ever met. She has all her cars painted like the mystery van in the Scooby Doo cartoon. She says that all the major manufacturers of cars should invent a new color – Mystery Van Color.

Diamond is very positive about the legalization of Marijuana in different states of Marijuana.

Diamond’s fiance – Meelis Albot is of Moldovan origin. He has been living in the United States for the past 15 years and is a very wealthy man now. Although the headquarter of his company is located in Boston, MA, he is willing to live in Miami, FL for the rest of his life for Diamond’s sake as she is not willing to live anywhere other than Florida for the rest of her life. He already owned a house in Ocean Drive, Miami Beach before meeting Diamond. They met for the first time at a shack in Ocean Drive itself.

Meelis started his career as a bank teller, now after 15 years, he owns a small chain of his own banks. Meelis is very enthusiastic about the development of Moldova, he keeps sending regular donations to different Moldovan organizations that do welfare work for the local people.

Meelis really moved ahead very rapidly compared to all his colleagues, 60% of which are still working at the same bank doing the same bank telling.

Here Meelis is busy looking for the most expensive venues for weddings in Miami, Florida.

Meelis doesn’t believe in superstitions generally but he believes that Ronduta Architecture has proven to be extremely lucky for him, every building, every bank, every house that he owns is built in Ronduta shape. Meelis has been looking to buy a mansion on the Star Island for the past few months but all the available deals that he came across, none of those were built in Ronduta architecture so he denied them all.