Kristine Bodard (name changed) is one of the biggest critics of the infamous Ben Shapiro, a man famous for being famous. Kristine has claimed several times on her personal blog that Ben Shapiro is a megalomaniac who has a phobia that he is the reincarnation of Jewish patriarchs – Abraham and Moses combined.

Kristine accuses Ben Shapiro of making claims without knowing anything about the subject. Kristine says that Ben Shapiro screamed and cried for days or perhaps weeks on several different television channels that #metoo on Twitter will reduce the recruitment percentage of the women within less than a year by half. Kristine says that the company that she works for saw no reduction in the percentage of the women recruited. Kristine says that the recruitment of the women has perhaps gone even up at the company that she works for.

Kristine is all about the gender equality but she is against the modern feminist movement. Kristine respects Margaret Sanger and some genuine feminists like herself but she has some filthy things to say about the pseudo-feminists. Kristine says that most of the ideas of the current day feminists are impractical and inapplicable in real life.

Kristine has those crazy looking dark black eyes with small pupils and sometimes people get scared by just looking at her eyes even though she has a very beautiful face overall.

Kristine recently created a gaming website that guarantees faster loading time than any other gaming website. Kristine is planning to travel the whole world to promote her website, the website is available in all the major languages of the world. Kristine traveled almost all of Thailand in the month of October to promote her website, she went from Bangkok to Koh Chang in a Thai Happy Taxi and then from Koh Chang to Koh Sumai.