Norman Mirro’s grandfather was a soloist who created one of the largest orchestras in the history of the United States. Norman Mirro’s great-grandfather was mistaken for being a Jew by Mussolini’s men. Norman says that it is a lie that Mussolini let the Jews go undisturbed, he wasn’t as bad as the Hitler, Goebbels or Stalin to the Jews but the Jews didn’t even have 50% of the rights compared to their Catholic counterparts.

Norman’s great-grandfather decided to travel overseas for the better future of his next and upcoming generations.

Norman is a Yoga and Power Yoga master, he recently started his own power yoga classes after seeing the success of several power yoga masters that migrated from all across the world to the United States. Norman is surprised by the great quality of the Yoga Mats that he ordered online.

Currently, Norman has only one employee – Vishwas, who is an immigrant from West Bengal, India. He is the son of a poor Bengali fisher woman who immigrated to the United States for a better future for himself and his family in the West Bengal. Vishwas’s father passed away when Vishwas was only 2. He used to extract honey from the Beehives and once when he was out to do the same, he had no idea that a tiger was following him and you can imagine what happened next.

Vishwas’s mother wanted him to study hard and become a doctor or engineer in his own country but Vishwas could never focus on his studies as he should have. Vishwas used to play all the time with the kids in his vicinity and only studied days before the examinations frantic with worries. Vishwas could never scored good in the junior classes and he was never able to pass his junior high examinations.