Chloe Alesk (name changed) only eats off the copper utensils since she read the benefits of using copper utensils and the side-effects of using plastic ones.

Chloe was born to a bus driver in Columbus, Ohio whose story has been showcased in several rags to riches documentaries, magazine articles and other related types. Chloe’s dad used to be a bus driver who ultimately became the owner of the topmost Ohio bus company.

Chloe herself is a very rich woman who owns over 25 swimming and lifestyle clubs all across the state of Ohio and now she is eyeing Florida for further expansion.

Chloe loves to travel and she recently arrived back from Dubai. Chloe was amazed to see the types and quality of emerald that were on sale in Dubai. Chloe usually doesn’t like to visit the same country or city twice but in the case of Dubai it looks like she will make some exception.

Chloe has given several interviews about her own and her dad’s business success. She doesn’t have much to say about herself but about her dad, she claims that her dad discovered a business technique that gave him a huge advantage over his business rivals and made his business flourish like no other in the industry. His success was really rapid.

Chloe says that her dad’s dream was to become the Chief Justice of United States of America and he wanted to become a Chief Justice who would be popular for his justice like no other. Chloe says that he was happy with his bus business’s success but he would have been even happier if he could become a Chief Justice, she says that he would have been 100x times happy if he could have become an ordinary justice, let alone becoming the Chief Justice of the United States of America.