Camille Biala (name changed) has a 12 years experience of working in the Arab countries including Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Camille says that the Arabs maybe rich but they aren’t civilized or well-mannered and they aren’t doing much about it. She says that if you ever watch the Arab drift videos, you will get to know what she is talking about here. Camille says that civilians beating the hell out of the cops is a common sight in the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

Camille’s father is one of the most popular justices in the history of Greece, he is widely admired for his justice and righteousness, and is sort of a mythical hero for his fans. He has a Facebook page and a Twitter ID, his fan following is more than many actors and actresses on the social media. He still drives the same Volvo P1800 that he bought in the year 1971 and no other car does it for him. It is not that he never bought any other car but no other car has ever been able to bring a smile on his face.

Camille had the opportunity to work in Tijuana, Mexico as well and she knows a lot about the drug trade of Mexico and especially that of Tijuana. Camille claims that the infamous Arellano Felix Organization (AFO) also known as the Tijuana Cartel or the Arellano Brothers Organization was never as violent as they are showcased by the Mexican and international media. Camille claims that other cartels like that of the El Chapo Guzman, Levya Brothers and more were more than willing to share a huge amount of their profits with the government while the Arellano Felix Brothers weren’t and that’s what made all the difference. Camille claims that along with the government agencies, the media and the military too demand their share of the drug money. Camille says the accusation that they make against the Arellano Felix Brothers that they are responsible for killing more people than Osama Bin Laden is an absolute lie and every local citizen of Tijuana knows this fact. According to Camille, Arellano Felix Brothers were considered heroes in Tijuana and they used to donate huge amounts of money to the poor and the needy. They built several churches and the accusation that they worshiped Santa Muerte is a garbage.

Camille’s dad and Camille herself love to watch children’s movies (παιδικεσ ταινιεσ) with Camille’s children when they aren’t busy.