Charlie Goodson (name changed) is a popular blogger and Youtuber who claims that all the billionaires of the world combined are the real Dajjal. Charlie in one of his blog posts and a Youtube video accused the car manufacturers of deliberately making unreliable cars which don’t last long at all. Charlie says that in the late 70s, the American and European car manufacturers had a meeting and they together decided that the best way to rip the customers off their money would be to make the cars that don’t last for long and need to be fixed every other month, their Japanese and Korean counterparts joined them in the late 90s and since then they have all been ripping the customers off by making cars that are nothing but money pits.

Charlie says that one of his mechanic friends once started a car manufacturing business out of his small garage and as soon as an informer of the car manufacturing conglomerate passed the news to them that a young man in his garage is trying to create cars that last forever, the conglomerate made the man disappear one fine evening and he has not been seen by anyone ever since.

Charlie says that he owns 3 cars and all 3 are Chevrolet. Charlie says that the Chevrolet cars are the most reliable cars available today in the market but just because General Motors started making reliable cars in the late 90s, the conglomerate of the car manufacturers decided to destroy the General Motors and now General Motors is nowhere but only in the US and in the US too they account for only 12% of the sales.

Charlie’s Youtube videos are loved by a lot of conspiracy theorists and the conspiracy theories’s lovers, he made enough money to buy a new mansion in Stonehaven Avenue, Newmarket with his Youtube money and currently his mansion is going through home renovation Newmarket.