Gil Mercier (name changed) has been told several times by several different persons that he has generosity and kindness stamped on his head. Gil has never made any charity, he never donated anything, the only thing that Gil believes he can be called generous for is selling his products at the prices much cheaper than his competitors even though he can make thrice as much profits if he sells his products at the same prices that his competitors sell those for.

Gil has been to India several times in his life and as an explorer, he decided to not only travel the metropolitan corners of the country but rather travel different sort of cities, towns and villages located in the east, west, south and north of India. Gil has been to at least over 2000 different temples of both north and south India, sometimes more than twice and he has come to the conclusion that the shrine concept in the Hindu temples is stolen from the Zoroastrian religion and their fire temples. Only a handful of Persians ever traveled to the Southernmost part of India including the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Gil says that there are no shrines in the temples of South India. Gil says that the Indian subcontinent’s Urdu language is more influenced by the Persian language than the Arabic or Devanagari. Gil himself has learnt to speak a lot of Hindi, Urdu and even Punjabi.

When Gil is not touring to explore but rather to enjoy, his favorite destination is Thailand and in Thailand his most favorite city is Bangkok but this time he is rather off for Hua Hin and other cities, towns and villages that he never visited ever before. He has already booked a cab usingĀ and he can’t wait to be there.