Adamo Mayberry (name changed) claims that spiritual people are more creative than the ones who are not. Adamo says that he meets all sorts of people working as an independent driver. Adamo used to drive for Uber before joining Lyft. Adamo decided to become a Lyft driver after finding Lyft driver promo code.

All these years of working as an Uber and Lyft driver, Adamo claims to have driven nothing but Japanese cars including Mitsubishi, Subaru, Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki and Honda. Adamo drives nothing but Honda now after having an experience of them all. Adamo claims that they all have their own cons except the Honda, Adamo says that Hondas are the most value for money, they are fun to drive, fuel efficient, long lasting, durable, and last but not the least – have a very high resale value.

Adamo claims that the ancient people weren’t addicted to the pleasures as much as the modern human beings. Adamo regularly trolls the NoFap, NoSmoking, NoAlcohol and other subreddits as he is amazed to see the weakness of the modern human beings.

Adamo says that he prefers a Honda over a Ford any day. One of Adamo’s friends has been trying to sell his old Ford Fusion to him but Adamo like always said “a big NO” to the American cars but a polite one this time.

Adamo claims that socialism makes people dull, stupid and unhappy. He went to the India during when the Nehru-Gandhi family used to rule over there and the India was a socialist-capitalist economy and he also went to India in the year 2016 when India has become a capitalist country, he says that the people of India today are much more wiser, intelligent and better than they were during the socialism days.